Bifold Doors

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Bifold doors open your home to the outdoors and are a great way of letting natural light into interior spaces. They are a great way of finishing off an extension or other building project.

There are many different choices when it comes to materials and sizes of bifold doors Birmingham, budget dependent a bifold door can be as big as you need. Picking the right one for your house can be a huge decision as there are many types of doors to choose from.

The average cost of a bifold door is around £1,200 per liner metre of overall width, this is for a good-quality door. Installation costs will need to be factored into the total price; delivery could be included in the cost as well.

Aluminium bifold doors are strong and lightweight making them a great choice for modern looking homes as they offer a very slim frame. This type of door is also very easy to maintain and will last a lifetime with a powder-coated finish.

Timber bifolds are an option for a traditional or period looking property, various finishes are available for the wooden doors. Hardwood is the preferred material as it lasts longer than its softwood counterpart, but they can still be prone to warping.

Composite bifold doors offer the practicality of aluminium with the traditional looks of timber. Another alternative to composite doors is uPVC, these are made of plastic and offer nearly zero maintenance.Patio Door

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Mobile Shelving Systems

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Mobile shelving also known as roller racking provides a cost effective solution to maximize storage capacity and free up space within various working environments such as offices, archive stores and retail environments

Mobile shelving systems are modularly constructed so they can be installed onto any level within a building. This simple and fast to install solution can increase your current storage facility by up to 70%. It is the most effective way of storing to maximise floor space.

Mobile shelving is free standing, with no drilling; no fixing down so ensues there is no damage to flooring, it is even suitable for uneven floors and has a safe anti tilt mechanism.

Mobile shelving is the most effective way of storing documents such as medical records, archive filing and library storage.

Mobile shelving is a highly efficient way of maximising floor space, it is relocatable and flexible.

Mobile shelving works by setting the units on floor tracks, the units are operated by hand wheels, these can be moved with minimal effort. They come in different sizes to match your requirements and file sizes.

Mobile shelving can be beneficial to companies that lack space; they will not take up too much room and are more secure than traditional static shelving as this shelving can be rolled together and closed and secured to prevent any unauthorised individuals from gaining access to its contents.

All mobile shelving systems can be customized to fit an array of accessories such as shelf dividers, pull out filing cradles, decorative end panels, electronic push button controls and trackless systems.

Key features of mobile shelving

  • Loadings 250kg-1000kg
  • Increase capacity by 100%
  • Light, medium or heavy duty
  • Ideal for document storage
  • GDPR compliant


Mobile Racking

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Liquid Screed Flooring Options

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The days are already history when flooring used to be boring and lifeless. These days you can get multiple flooring options and with right kind of sand and cement screed you can get an amazing look as well in your flooring. There are so many options available for sand and cement screed and here are sharing few of the popular types of screed you can use for flooring.

Gm Floor Screed 2

Liquid Screed:

Designed to provide a professional, smooth and level finish the process of laying a liquid screed is the latest contemporary flooring solution to get the best finish on any floor.  Liquid screed is a quick and efficient process, the liquid screed can be easily pumped directly to the work area and quickly dries ready to walk on again in the next 24 to 48 hours with low risk of shrinking or cracking.

Bonded screed: 

This is a specific type of sand and cement screed in which screed layer is completely bonded with a lower layer using the concrete material. This kind of screed is known as the most durable screed and people that want to have a permanent flooring prefer this method of floor levelling in their house. Also, this is perfect for those areas where you expect some kind of heavy loading or lot of traffic areas such as shops, malls or other places similar to this one.

Un-bonded screed: 

Many times, you need to think about the insulation instead of heating. For that requirement, the un-bonded screed is known as the best option. In this method screed layer lies just above the thermal insulation layer. This kind of screed or flooring is very common among many home users as they require insulation or heating in their rooms from flooring as well to have a comfortable environment in the room.

Floating screed: 

In some houses they can have underfloor heating pipes to reduce the coldness in the room. In this kind of rooms or houses, you can install the sand and cement screed layer above these pipes, and you get thermal effect also with that. the best thing about this kind of floating screed or flooring option is that it not only works well with heating pipes but if you have insulated taker board for the insulation, then you can get a good result in that as well.

Why Your Business Needs Air Conditioning

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Modern air conditioning units offer many benefits to both businesses and home owners especially in the summer months. Air conditioning can help maintain a consistent temperature year round even in the winter.

Air conditioning can purify the air in your work environment which is often a missed advantage of having AC in your office. This cleansing is done by removing airborne particles such as smoke, smells, pollen and mites.

Keeping your windows closed is another advantage of using an air conditioning system. This is especially true in the summer where insects can invade your office space. Closing your windows also shuts out external noise from traffic and other noises from an urban environment where offices are normally situated. The air conditioning units themselves are almost silent so there won’t be any unwanted noise in your office space.

Keeping your office secure is important and using air conditioning means you can keep your windows and doors shut whilst still keeping cool. Opportunist burglaries often increase in the summertime and this is often linked to people leaving windows or doors open to keep cool.

If you are in the Midlands area give air conditioning Leicester a try to keep your office space cool all year round.


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The role leadership plays in shared services

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What defines a great shared services leader? There are usually a handful of personal qualities that a shared service leader should demonstrate. Shared service functions have developed and now require softer skills and more people related skills to drive success.

Communication and vision:

Creating a clear message and vision for your employees is the key to success. A leader needs to fully engage the team, helping them understand the journey and influencing them to drive continuous improvement and change. It takes certain skills and passion to get key stakeholders engaged and to see the benefits in the change.

The role leadership plays in shared services

Embrace technology:

Leaders need to embrace technology: AI and robotics are reshaping the way shared service functions operate. AI gives employees the chance to utilise their skills and add value in a different capacity. It eliminates errors, increases efficiency, improves the customer experience and in the long run is more cost-effective.

Look beyond the SSC:

Effectiveness beyond the shared service needs to be taken into account – what impact does this have on the wider business, as well as your customers and suppliers? Shared services functions aren’t just created to reduce costs, they need to demonstrate high productivity and quality of service.

Focus on talent:

Finding good shared services talent is hard. So once you have the best talent, it’s important leaders ensure they keep them happy to retain them.

  • Create an exclusive onboarding programme, so that employees feel valued and have clear expectations.
  • Build structured career paths, to give your employees progression and personal development.
  • Rotational training/mentoring will upskill your staff and provide cover.
  • Maintain a great culture and working environment.
  • Reward success.

Upskill your existing staff:

It’s important that leaders upskill existing staff and keep them motivated. Doing the same monotonous tasks day in, day out, can be soul destroying. That’s why rotational training is so important. When employees are given a new task, the chance to learn or simply just do something a bit different, it makes them feel engaged and motivated.

There are many traits and qualities a great leader should possess and there is no doubt the role leadership plays in shared services is huge.

Find out more about shared service recruitment in our next blog.