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Processes Of A Vibratory Feeder In The Construction Industry

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The role of a feeder

Benefits to construction

Vibrating feeders are particularly very useful in the construction industry. The need to Vibratory Feedermove, convey and feed construction material is vital thus making this machine pivotal to the construction process. There are two types of vibratory feeders that are used in the construction industry; electromagnetic and mechanical feeders. They are used interchangeably depending of the nature of construction materials or specific use of the materials.


Vibrating feeders help to reduce error rates in construction. They allow workers to choose in-feed sizes. For instance in industrial material crushers, feeders can lead large material into a primary crusher while letting the smaller materials by-pass to the secondary crusher. This serves to maximize the machine’s crushing capacity. They also allow for the feed rate to be regulated depending on the application thus improving the overall efficiency of construction processes.


These machines greatly reduce the time taken to complete construction projects. Using manual labour for feeding processes is often very slow, requires breaks and people are bound to get worn out over the course of the day. Vibrating feeders operate at constant high speeds all day long.


Due to the costly nature of constructions projects, manufacturers have to adopt the most cost efficient operational models. Hence vibratory feeders require less man power and also have low power consumption rates as they can be turned off when not in use. Their maintenance cost is also very low. These machines offer other benefits such as lower workplace injury rates, increased profits, durability, versatility and streamlined construction processes.